Love God Love People Prove it!

About Us

The history of That Neighborhood Church actually started long before we came into existence. The church building was built in 1907 by the Knopp Brothers for $5,000. The property was purchased for $1,500 in 1906. Originally it was an English Lutheran church. In 1957 the educational wing was completed on February 3. Later a Nazarene church moved into the building and after than at was partially occupied by another church. It then became vacant for many years until God gave James Mann a vision to reclaim the little church on the corner of Bush and Ontario for God. With the help of the Christian and Missionary Alliance church renovations began in 2003. To say the church was a mess was an understatement! Take a look at About Us gallery to see the progression of the renovations from 2003-2005. Click on each picture to enlarge it.

In 2009 God called Patrick Cannon and his wife Kelly along with 3 other couples to once again reclaim the little church on the corner of Bush and Ontario for God.  The church was closed down for a month to recreate it from the inside out.


In October of 2010 That Neighborhood Church was born!  Every thing we do centers around our 3 core values.

Love God – Our love for God should be passionate and life transformational

Love People – Our love for God should compel us to love those He created and died for.  We know that loving people will be inconvenient, costly and messy.

Prove It – Words are cheap!  The best way to show others we love God and people is by our actions.  Our ministry model is illustrated in the diagram below.Ministrymodel

On the left represents our Church ministries.  These are the ministries that draw others to lean in towards God through a relationship with Jesus Christ.  On the right are our Real Need ministries.  Because we live in one of the most impoverished neighborhoods in all of Ohio and Southeast Michigan many of our neighbors are in need of the basics like food, clothes and healthcare.  If we just do what’s on the right side we become just another social agency without the power to really change someone’s destiny.  If we just do whats on the left side we can easily become a noisy gong and clanging symbol.  We become irrelevant.  We are committed to creating both environments at the same time.  This allows relationships to be built and trust created allowing us to have a voice in the lives of our neighbors.

.We are affiliated with the Christian and Missionary Alliance.  You can check out our doctronal statement by following this link

Because we are in one of the most impoverished areas in Ohio and Southeast Michigan 97% of our budget comes from the generousity of individuals and partnerships from outside our neighborhood.  Many of our volunteers are from outside our neighborhood.  We are always looking for new churches, organizations and individuals would like to partner with us in pushing back the darkness with God’s love.  One of the great things we get to do is see God use our little church and neighborhood to change the lives of those that get involved with us.  Click on Suburbanite stories to read about some of the ways God has used TNC to change those in middle class as they rub shoulders with those in generational poverty.

Check out our new book!  Rooster In the Hood is the story of how God called a group of middle class suburbanites out of a familiar, comfortable ministry to one of the most impoverished areas of Ohio and Southeast Michigan.  You can purchase Rooster In the Hood online at